Friday, August 3, 2007

Counting down again

With Jacks first visit still fresh in my mind, I am already counting down to the next time we meet. In only 10 weeks I am going to get on a plane to cross that big pond.
Not on my own, I will have my son to accompany me. LOL, which will help, since I will be forced to act like an adult and not show my nerves about this adventure.
One of the things we plan to do this visit is swimming. This means that, no matter how comfortable we are between the two of us, I need to start losing the weight that I gained after we stopped smoking.
That is right, I said 'we'.
When I decided last October that I had totally had it, I had just started running and my longs hurt terrible every time I went out for a run, I stopped. After a few weeks of thinking about it I was ready for it.
Much to my surprise, the next day, Jack also quit. Totally unprepared.
And thanks to the fact that we can admit to each other that we have our bad days, our moments that we fool ourselves and think it still smells good, thanks to the fact that we can really support each other in this, we didn't fall back to the habit.
But, we both gained weight.

And now this vacation is coming up and with it the need to get into a swimsuit.
I mean, I can't let the boys have all the fun by themselves, can I?
In this I have two choices, get a new suit, knowing that I hate shopping for that kind of stuff, or lose enough weight to get into the one I still have.
(Who am I fooling, I will need one either way)

So, I am running again, building it up slowly to prevent the pain on my shin returning and no more snacks and lots of water.
We'll see if I can keep it up. Jack promised to start also.

Btw, I keep returning to the pictures from your visit Jack and I just love this one.
So many things in there that I love...

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