Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our next trip

It may look like it is a little quiet on this blog, but behind the scenes a lot of talking, arranging and thinking is done.
Purpose of the next trip is making this a once in a lifetime vacation, mainly for the youngster of us three.
And with Disneyworld as destination,that should work.
I have to say, at first I had my doubts, was scared that seeing Mickey Mouse and his friends all day would make me go crazy, had this visions of hearing "It's a small world" for several days and there would be no where to hide.
But Jack managed to reassure me very fast that that would not be the case and right now I am looking forward to a lot of fun and new experiences for us.

And than Cape May, the first time Jack showed me those pictures my lower jaw dropped to the floor. Overhere we may have a lot of old buildings and great architecture, Cape May looks like something from an old US movie to me, but freshly painted.
Looking at that second picture I can imagine that house, in a dark night, full moon, on a hill and a crazy killer walking around.
But for the rest, I think that the Laaf, coming from a fairy tale park, fits perfectly overthere.

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