Friday, August 31, 2007


until now I didn't realize how huge Disney World is.
But by now I am starting to see that a full week will be easy to fill with all kinds of experiences. I know, until now you only talked about food, but for just that you can already choose from so many different places that I am no longer worried we might get bored.

Have some good news, Wednesday we can pick up my sons passport.
Over here we are in luck, it takes only a week. Another good thing about this is that my son is finally starting to realize that this whole trip is for real.
Not something that won't go at the last moment, just too many things have to be arranged for that.

And yes, slowly things are getting done here.
Passports are done, travel insurance is taken care of and it looks like the doggies are taken care of also, which is a huge relief to me.

Only 6 more weeks

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