Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Cape May

Being in Europe with Petra and seing the beautiful architecture and gardens was a real treat for me. I love history and I love archetecture. That is the one thing that is lacking over here. While you can find plenty of "old" things over here to look at, it doesn't date back centuries as so much does over there.
Oh well, I do think that Petra will like walking around in Cape May though for a little taste of our old stuff. LOL
The entire town is full of these "Victorian" aged homes and the detail and restoration of them is really quite good. In fact, the entire town of Cape May has been designated as a "National Historic Landmark" since there are so many of these period buildings there.
Another nice part that goes along with these homes are the effort some people put in to keeping nice flower gardens. To my surprise, one of the figures that was watching over a flower garden Petra told me is completely a Dutch figure....a "Laaf", I believe? LOL. That was funny to find that out.
Yes, we are busy planning new and exciting visits and it will involve getting into a bathing suit. I need to get busy with my excercise program or when we are there I may become a new attraction for the tourists......the Whale Watch. LOL

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