Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Passport perils

This afternoon my son and I spent at the photographers shop, trying to get a good picture for his passport. Recently the rules on these pictures changed and got very strict and it is hard to get a really good one.
What made things worse was the fact that I had been pestering my son with taking pictures of him for a few days now, so he already was totally fed up with it.

I feared the worst after seeing his face when I told him we were going this afternoon.
It only took 3 tries before the photographer decided there had to be a good one between them. The promise of getting an ice cream at the Italian if he didn't whine, helped.

While we were there I got a filter for my camera, shopping in a place like that is much more fun than going for clothes or shoes.

And than it was of to city hall to find out if there was a good picture amongst them.
When I told my son he already started sighing, expecting to return for more picture taking. But after much deliberation behind the counter, they decided one of the pictures was OK.
So now we have to return with my sons father for the actual apply for his passport.

All the water and carrots are starting to work, slowly my clothes are starting to feel more lose around my waist.
Looks like I am going to need to lose that weight since Jack keeps coming up with food that we have to try.

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