Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Biking Heaven

There are a hundred subjects that I want to give my impressions of about the trip but I will start with how great it was to be part of a society that uses the bike as part of everyday life.
The first thing you realize is how important bike transportation is and how well maintained the bike paths are.
In the villages there are paths that parallel the roadways and as you can see, they are well lit and in perfect condition.
Even when you leave the villages and get out into the countryside the trails are well marked with direction signs and most of them are concrete. Even when you leave the main routes and get into the wilderness, the paths are everywhere for you to ride among the trees and enjoy the sights.
Something that I was totally not expecting was when we got off the bus in the city of Groningen and I walked out of the station onto a plaza. We have parking garages everywhere for our cars but they have bike parking and to see this sight of hundreds of bikes parked was amazing. LOL

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