Monday, July 30, 2007

Planning visits

We are having a lot of fun at the moment with planning visits. Right now it looks like there will be 2 more visits this year. Christmas is set and will be great. We normally have several family get togethers around that time, Jack will enjoy that and they will get to know him better.
It is a good sign they are already asking when he is coming back.
Oh, I already know where to set up the Christmas tree...

But before that visit we hope to get together also and it looks like it is working out. Most bumps in the road for that are already gone. One of them was taken care of almost completely this morning. I found someone that wants to take care of my dogs almost the complete time and it is someone I trust completely with them.
Just have to see if my sister is willing to take care of all three for 2 days until she can take Isa and Tom.

Looks like it all is coming together now and if that is right, than we can start counting down towards October.

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