Thursday, July 19, 2007


Petra and I met through our love of Sighthounds. She has three and I have two and we will always have several doggies around I am sure. LOL
Besides getting together with Petra, I was anxious to meet her dogs. They are so nice and I think I made three new friends in a hurry. There is something special about sitting down on the couch and having a buddy jump up and lay down next to you and put their head on your lap.
Walking the dogs several times a day is part of the routine of having them. I feel lucky in that just a short distance from my house is a nice golf course that I can walk my boys in a peaceful setting.
Well, these pictures show the area that Petra walks her crew and it is a beautiful walk. Living on the edge of the village gives them the opportunity with just a few steps from the house to enter the gorgeous countryside. Towards the end of the walk is an animal park that most of the villages maintain for the peoples enjoyment and it was great to walk past the deer, goats, chickens and peacocks before we got back home.
Somehow I think I like the idea of hearing the goats calling more than I like the golfers shouting to me to look out for their golf balls flying at me. LOL

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