Friday, July 20, 2007

My turn

LOL, knew Jack loves to talk, but sometimes it is hard to get a word in between.
(just joking Jack)
But it is fun to read how he enjoyed himself while he stayed over here.
Have to put one thing in its place though, the houses in his last post are in a higher range than than a lot of people can afford.

There is something that I have to get of my chest.
Something I am not proud of, but it has to be said.
People from the US are much more polite than we Dutch are over here.
I had noticed it on the boards I visit, but even in normal day life I noticed how normal it was for Jack to say 'Thank you'.
I think over here it is something we lost a long time ago, these days we take everything for granted.
This, I can't blame on my parents, we had little to nothing at home, my Dad worked really hard, so we were grateful for everything we got.
Still, we were never taught to say 'thank you'.
Is it our pride?
I don't know, but during the time Jack stayed here I felt like a bumpkin (had to look this word up, not sure if it is right)

We have a saying over here, 'wie goed doet, goed ontmoet' and I think that is part why Jack liked it over here so much, he was friendly and polite, so people were the same.

Maybe there is a small lesson to be learned here...

and oops, almost forgot:
Jack, thank you for a wonderful time.

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