Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home From the Shore

I am home and really happy to be back and able to communicate with Petra in our usual way.

I love the beach and always go to a place called Cape May, New jersey. I love it there and can't wait to show Petra how special it is. It was a little difficult going away again right after I came back from visiting Petra but I had this week booked since last year so it was the only time to go. Besides, my neighbors usually come down for the week also and it is always nice to get together at the beach for a few days.

We did come home one day early though so it was great to be able to call Petra and tell her I was home and back to our normal routine.

Petra and I are busy planning visits and hopefully all will work out as we intend. One part is for sure. I have my flight booked for the Christmas holiday to be back in the Netherlands. I can't wait. Spending the last several years alone at Christmas time has not been much fun for me. I think this is going to be very special this year. Being with the person that I want to be with will make this the best holiday I can remember since I was a little kid.

And no Petra, you did not scare me away. LOL I was going nuts being away from the computer so we could say hi to each other whenever we felt like it. It is amazing how much you miss it and notice it when it is not available to you.

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