Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Think it is time for a few pictures of what we have done.
For some people this may be very boring, but Jack and I found eachother, amongst other things, in our love for history and old buildings.

Groningen is a not too big city in the North of the Netherlands that I lived in for 7 years and before that I went to school there. But what I didn't do in all those years, was acting like a tourist.
It was great fun, I rediscovered the city through Jacks eyes.

Not just that, he made me do things I never did before, like stepping into a gallery.
Doing that seemed so natural to him, that I was looking at pictures with him before I knew it.
We also discovered a jigsawpuzzle shop. There we kept saying awe and ahhh when we found an even bigger puzzle. I think the largest was about 80.000 pieces, but there may have been a bigger one.
Another shop that got Jacks interest was a bike shop, I knew it is one of the best we have in the city, so I asked if he wanted to go in.
LOL, talk about showing a kid around in a candy store.
Fun part was a young man working there, obviously very interested in why this American was having so much fun in the shop.
When those two started talking they totally lost me, but it was great to see.

But overall, I loved showing Jack the old buildings the most.
Soooo, I guess I better show some pics now.

Let me see, Jack is going to hit me with the newspaper for this one, but here he is in front of the beautiful old railwaystation of Groningen.

And a part of the beautifully restored inside

Part of the University of Groningen.

And two pictures from the inside of the Martini Church. We were lucky to come in when someone was still playing the organ. And last a picture of the beautiful Prinsentuin. The prince garden

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