Sunday, July 1, 2007

Family and Friends.

I am looking forward very much to meeting Petra's family. From the conversations we have had, Petra has a family that stays in touch and does many things together such as celebrating birthdays etc. I really like that. I have very little family left. My older sister and I are very close but she lives several hours away and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren so she is busy having fun with her own family. My older brother lives about 3 hours away but unfortunately we have drifted apart and find very little in common anymore to keep in touch about.

The closest thing I have to a real family are my neighbors, Kate and Sherry. They have become such good friends to me over the past few years and treat me with the care that you would expect of a family member. One thing that has been so nice is that they are so excited for the both of us and this journey we are starting together. I have the feeling that Petra is going to like them very much and that Kate and Sherry will be very good friends of ours forever.

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